Photo above by Robert Fogarty of Dear World

All my life I have been mesmerized by images and the capturing of them. As a small child one of the things I remember most is playing in my moms large box of photos. I would drag the box which was the same size as the 5 year old me into the middle of the family room floor and spend hours going through it usually ending up inside the box with photos scattered all over the floor in some order that only made sense to me. By the time I was a teenager I was wearing cameras like the other girls wore accessories, Polaroid around my neck, the then clunky video camera flung over my shoulder and disposable box kodaks around my wrist. Like most artists and creatives I was urged into studying something I could make a sensible career out of. I went to Bowling Green State University to major in Marketing Education. After only a year I was unsatisfied and moved to L.A. to see something new. I spent the next 3 years working retail and spending all of my free time photographing and making videos of my life and surroundings. Eventually I moved to Chicago, after I was settled I invested in my first high end Digital Camera. Doing freelance photography here and there to supplement my server income I decided to go back to school for Photography and received a degree from Harrington College of Design in Commercial Digital Photography. After the purchase of that first digital camera I was offered the opportunity to be the team photographer for the Chicago Outfit Roller Derby which was the beginning of an amazing ten years of traveling the country shooting roller derby, which led to the first (Blood & Thunder magazine) of many published works. After graduating Harrington I started assisting for Ron Gould who previously was my Business of Photography Professor at Harrington. After years of mentoring with Ron and moving up the ladder to Studio Manager, my work moved from Edgy Portraiture and Sports to an emphasis in Corporate Location and Political Photography.

My main goal in life is to always act with love. Next on the list is to provide heart stopping imagery in a profound and professional manner. I find most normal people feel awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera, as do I. I've always had a knack for making people feel comfortable which is one of the things that makes my work different from many other photographers. I am a people person. I find developing a personal relationship and rapport with my clients essential in achieving the communication necessary to produce exactly what the client has in mind. If you are looking for a professional, personable photographer who is set on getting it right the first time I look forward to hearing from you and producing the imagery only you could have in mind.